DJ and Tabitha

From trainer Beverly, who is working with Wounded Warrior DJ, who suffers from PTSD, and his SDIT, Tabitha:

“We met at the Bluebonnet Bunk n Biscuit and trained inside their store as well as in their small dog park. There was one other dog there initially, and Tabitha barked excitedly. Although it sounds loud, she appears to be just be curious and want to play. Tabitha was corrected and we settled her back down. We worked on distracting her more with yummy treats and trying to get her to understand that “not reacting” will have more reward for her than to react. By the end of the session, she was not reacting to the dogs that were being taken home after day care or dropped off for boarding!

We also worked on Tabitha’s sit-stay and down-stay. Their homework for the week is to practice her stay more and gain more consistency with it and with her recall. To practice this, DJ got a 30’ leash, used to stay and have him walk away with Tabitha in a stay – then call her to COME and use the leash to “reel her in”. Tabitha is doing much better with the new collar as well! Tabitha can still sit, down, stay, leave it, watch me, wait, and heel very well.”