CONGRATULATIONS to Wounded Warrior, Blake, and SD Zoid

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Wounded Warrior, Blake, and his now SD, Zoid!

Due to deployments, Blake is usually in a wheelchair and met the amazing Zoid through Cherry Jenkin’s In Dog We Trust rescue after contacting us. It was love at first site. Our trainer, Brenda, who is a paraplegic in a wheelchair with her SD Murray, trained with Blake and Zoid about how to use and work with Service Dogs while in a wheelchair. They did an amazing amount of work together and Blake followed training advice to a tee! He and Zoid have an indescribable bond.

Unfortunately, Blake recently found out he developed lung cancer due to exposure to toxins while deployed. He is moving to Arkansas to be near family while he undergoes treatment for this. Luckily, through Skype and videos, as well as through emails and on the phone, Brenda has determined that Blake and Zoid are now an official SD team!!

We at Service Dog Express have the utmost admiration for Blake and his always upbeat, positive attitude. We are confident that Zoid will be there for him as he fights this new battle, offering comfort and support. Please send prayers for healing, and please honor Blake by showing how much his resiliency is an inspiration for all of us!!!