CONGRATULATIONS to Maddie, and SERVICE DOG, American Staffordshire Terrier,“Hera”

CONGRATULATIONS to client Maddie, and her now SERVICE DOG, American Staffordshire Terrier,“Hera”!! Maddie suffers from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Trainer Emmett writes:

“We performed the Public Access Test at the Wolf Ranch Town Center in Georgetown, TX. Hera mastered the following: “Controlled Unload Out Of Vehicle”, “Approaching The Building”, “Controlled Entry Through A Doorway”, “Heeling Through The Building”, “Six Foot Recall On Lead”, “Sits On Command”, “Downs On Command”, “Noise Distractions”, “Restaurant Etiquette”, “Off Lead”, “Dog Taken By Another Person”, “Controlled Exit”, “Controlled Load Into Vehicle”, and “Team Relationship”

Maddie and her now Service Dog, Hera, did fantastic on their Public Access Test! Hera is an American Staffordshire Terrier that was rescued by In Dog We Trust rescue run by Ms. Cherry Jenkins, and has been training with Maddie and Emmett for some time now. Hera is incredibly attentive to Maddie and always watches for her hand signals or vocal cues. Hera heeled perfectly on a leash, sat before greeting strangers and has mastered her down/stay (the hardest one for Hera to learn). I am overjoyed to see these two go on to the next leg of their journey! Way to go!”