CONGRATULATIONS to Greg and his now Service Dog, Missy!!!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Greg and his now Service Dog, Missy!!! This absolutely remarkable team passed their Public Access Test flawlessly – and even went above and beyond by learning tasks and commands that were not even on the Public Access Test!

Greg’s compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated commitment to working with Missy, along with Missy’s remarkable ability to be trained and her remarkable, gentle temperament as a formerly neglected shelter dog have made this process so incredibly easy. Each training session is a joy for all three of us!!

The Public Access Test was done at North Star Mall. Missy took the bus for the first time (Greg does not drive), and she was a pro. We went into tons of stores and explored all kinds of distractions – but nothing fazed Missy. We performed each and every command in the Public Access Test, and she received a 100% PLUS. The most amazing thing is to watch how much people gravitate toward her. There is a softness in her eyes and in her demeanor that just draw people – from very young children to very elderly adults to want to meet her. She is loving and gracious toward everyone. She listens to every command that Greg gives her, without hesitation. Even the elevator ride was fun for her!! That tail is always wagging!

Missy had a lot of fun in the Disney store, at Spencer’s trying on eyeglasses, and going in shoe stores – she just LOVES the smell of sneakers! Especially blue ones!! (But none of them fit).

Greg has also noticed that now that she has switched foods to Evolve, Missy’s digestive system and appetite are working much better than the food she was originally on. I plan on maintaining a life-long friendship with these two – they have both significantly impacted my life. And Greg has been able to decrease his anxiety medications, get out and exercise more because of Missy, which has helped with his weight and diabetes, and he is much more socially engaged!

I also know that Missy would do amazing Therapy Dog work. Greg would love to try that with her.

What a blessing it has been to work with these two. Words cannot express.