CONGRATULATIONS TO CAROL AND KENSI, WHO PASSED THEIR PUBLIC ACCESS TEST!!!!! Carol and Kensi have been extremely consistent in their training, and it has paid off! Carol suffers from PTSD, anxiety, and other psychiatric issues. But she has overcome many of her symptoms with the help of now Service Dog Kensi and Andrew’s training!

“This was Carol and Kensi’s Public Access Test. We met up in front of Petsmart, and I followed them around as they performed the tasks required by the test – and let me tell you these two performed beautifully! They passed their test with 100% accuracy. Even though Carol was very nervous, I can honestly say that I have never seen such a wonderful match between a dog and human. When I first got Kensi as my foster, she was very scared of loud noises, and wanted to run away. She suffered from what we believe was a minute form of Canine PTSD as a result of the first two humans she was matched with who had violent outbursts resulting from their own PTSD. Now that Kensi has been matched up with Carol, who is much more emotionally stable, she has excelled at her work. Complete turn around… I will stay in touch with these two as they have become my friends in this process. Below are some victory pictures!”

Andrew – I would like to personally add that knowing Kensi’s extensive history of trying to find the right home for her has been a true emotional roller coaster for Kensi. I still remember first meeting her – and how gentle and loving she was. Unfortunately, when we try to place dogs with clients, the dynamic doesn’t always work. Kensi has endured so much – and your dedication to not giving up on her and finding a wonderful, loving person like Carol absolutely turned Kensi’s life around; and I’m sure it has turned Carol’s life around. I am very, very proud of you, Andrew, Carol, and Kensi. – Laurie