Catt and Baron’s trip to Italy

Wonderful news and lovely pictures from our former trainer and client, Catherine, in Virginia!! We are so proud of her – she has fought so hard throughout her medical issues and now is in a position to give back!! We love you, Catherine!!

Hi Laurie!

Ok – so update from me and Baron time! We went to Italy for 18 days (July 1 – July 18) and it was AMAZING!!! If anyone from Service Dog Express needs any help with advice/logistics on traveling to Italy and seeing the major sites, please let me know. We went to Venice, Florence, Bologna, Siena, Tuscany, and Rome. It was very Service Dog-friendly for the most part, and I had almost no issues, minus the fact that it was ridiculously hot the whole time. Luckily Baron and I managed to stay cool and had a fantastic time. He was a major fan of the gelato LOL! He handled the whole trip like a champ.

In other news, I got into graduate school!!!!! It was a totally last minute and very random application I filled out in June just for the experience of applying, I didn’t even remotely think I would get in. But while I was in Italy I got an email saying I got in! I had applied to American University (in DC) for their post-baccalaureate premedical program because I’m hoping to go to medical school. Could not believe I got into it! So now I’m moving to DC in two weeks…totally last minute! So Baron and I are very excited about that.

My health has been slowly but steadily improving over the last couple months and I haven’t had a POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) episode in 4 weeks (hope this doesn’t jinx it). My doctors are hopeful that this treatment they have me on will continue to help and that my condition will stabilize.

So lots of very exciting things going on over here on the east coast! I hope you are both doing well and can’t wait to hear back from you! I of course attached some photos of Baron (and me) in Italy!

This picture so clearly shows the bond between Baron and I. Whenever there is room, he always lays his head on my lap or on my feet; he just likes to be close to me.
Baron at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. He didn’t think it was very interesting; I think he was expecting some pizza LOL
Walking around Rome — in Rome, Italy.
The Colosseum!
Baron’s favorite part of Italy….GELATO!! I let him taste quite a few of the flavors and crunch on the cone sometimes. LOL- he was a big fan of the fruit ones. I think in this picture its a nut flavored one.

Love you guys!
Catt & Baron