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Ken makes the world a better place.

Service Dog Express and our associate rescue, In Dog We Trust, would like to thank past client, Wounded Warrior Ken, for his INCREDIBLY kind donation of a truck full of dog food!! He just did this out of the kindness of his heart!! Needless to say, it was SO needed and we are forever grateful for this act of compassion. Ken is a very talented artist, and his best buddy is Service Dog, the magnificent Mozart!!!! Thank you again, Ken. You make the world a better place.

Dennis and Lily

An update from our trainer, Brenda, who is a paraplegic in a wheelchair and has a remarkably trained SD, Murray!! Brenda trained with Dennis, who was initially introduced to us by his pastor of 40 years, Mr. Adam Cork. He compassionately wrote:

“Dennis, who has been in a wheelchair for decades, just lost his dog of many years (not Service Dog trained) which has been very hard on him. His physical condition is declining. While he is still very independent, decline in his shoulders and decades in the chair are taking a toll. I think it would be good for him to have a Service Dog now to encourage him and provide a level of assistance.”

What a beautiful, caring Pastor who sought help for one of his congregation!!

Brenda has trained twice with Dennis and his dog, Lilly now, so that Lilly can become a Service Dog. She writes:

“At our first visit, Dennis and I met and went through the Public Access Test commands that we could do inside, as it was dark. Lilly completed #3, which is ‘controlled entry through a doorway’, #4, which is ‘heeling through a building’, and #9, which is eating at a table with Lilly in a down position under the table’ with ease. She is extremely obedient, even without treats; it’s out of pure love. The specialized tasks that Dennis wants Lilly to do are bracing, pulling, and offering comfort. I tested Lilly out with bracing like I do with my SD, Murray. Lilly was unable to keep her bottom up while bracing, which we will have to work on.

At our second session, we worked on outside PAT commands. Lilly did #1, which is ‘controlled unload out of a vehicle’ and #2, which is ‘approaching the building’ perfectly the 1st time, as Dennis has been taking her on rides. Dennis then took Lilly off lead, had her ‘sit/stay’, and rolled farther than 6ft with his back to her, turned and waited, then called her to him! He rolled up and down his driveway several times with her off lead, and was making sure she maintained the ‘heel’ position. Lilly was not distracted by anything, and was focused on Dennis. She is so easy to work with, and it only takes her a few times to understand what is expected of her. Dennis leashed her back up to see about pulling safely. Lilly did great, with minimal coaxing!”

Roxy in Flight

Wonderful news from Ronnie, who is training with Kendra in Houston, and his SDIT, Roxy!

Hi Kendra!

So we just returned from our vacation on Sunday. We flew out of Houston into Detroit, Michigan. Roxy did outstanding!! Right off the bat in the security checkpoint she acted like a seasoned traveler. Once on the plane, she curled up and fell asleep. She popped up a few times on descent, but we gave her some treats to help with her big old ears LOL. She was a pro at the airport, keeping watch and covering behind me while waiting at the baggage claim. It didn’t snow very much, but she saw it and sniffed around outside – I don’t think she was a fan All in all, Roxy did great and I think gave Service Dogs a good showing! I wanted to get her a pair of wings to put on her vest but totally forgot – I guess I’ll have to remember next time!


Laurie’s Reaction to her Birthday Gift

Laurie’s Reaction

From Laurie:  Look what my dear, dear husband got me for my birthday. I can honestly say that it was the most meaningful gift he has ever gotten me – I literally couldn’t stop crying. See, Joey is a die-hard Aggie. There is Aggie paraphernalia all over our house. MY undergraduate Alma Mater, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has very little paraphernalia unless you are shopping for items for the robot you just built or the computer you just reprogrammed to launch nuclear weapons. (very techy school).

ANYWAY, apparently, two months ago, he started this process with Mary’s Stitchery and Crafts, run by dear Mary Chabrian (see her FB page!) and loved by all Wounded Warriors who send her their uniforms to make the most awesome Service Dog vests! Joey went to the Carnegie Mellon site and he and Mary ordered a men’s flannel robe for fabric with my school’s colors, and they found a perfect patch with CMU’s name on it, added the Service Dog Express graduate patch, and added the pouch for Bonnie’s ID. It fits PERFECTLY!!! Mary is an absolutely AMAZING craftswoman, and my husband couldn’t have given me a more meaningful gift. Now I have to be nice to him for a whole year…

I am so, so blessed.  (Ironically, I had just rolled out of bed and put on an Aggie hat to hide my non-made-up face)

Baron’s First Flight

From our trainer, Catherine, in Virginia, about her own Service Dog, Baron!

“I don’t know why I’m always so shocked by how amazing Baron is, but he never ceases to amaze me. His first flight ever he went through security perfectly and handled the crowds like a total pro. Our first plane was tiny and awful!

We sat in the back (there were a lot of disabled people who needed bulkhead seating) and he squeezed himself under one tiny seat where you would normally put your bag. The flight was so turbulent even I was feeling sick, but Baron just stayed calm and rested through the whole thing!!! Our next plane was WAY better, we got bulkhead seating and all the flight attendants asked to pet him and he got majorly loved on LOL. All in all he handled it like a seasoned SD and even did an alert during our second flight. I always forget he’s only 8 months old!! He acts like such an adult the majority of the time!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Catt & Baron”



“I arrived to meet Shauna for her test with SDiT Kilo. From the very beginning, Shauna had control over Kilo, and prevented him from jumping and allowed me into her residence. We then went to Petsmart since I had SDiT Abby and puppy Aspen with me to assist with distractions.

Once in the vehicle, Kilo seemed a little excited, but then he settled down and rode well in the car. Kilo waited for his commands for entering and exiting the vehicle.

Shauna was then able to walk with Kilo both with and without his leash, and he did awesome! Shauna had a moment where she started to lose her stability, and Kilo went to her right side pushing on her leg to help her stay balanced. VERY NICE WORK!!!! She never had to hold onto his leash. Kilo was then placed in a down and stay, and Shauna even walked away and around the corner and recalled him, and he came without hesitation and went right into a sit position. Nice work.

Upon going to eat, Kilo laid at the counter until Shauna was ready to go sit down. Upon getting a table, he laid right at her feet. Upon completion of his PAT, Shauna encouraged a young boy that it was ok to pet Kilo. The little boy was scared since he had never been around dogs before. They both did great. Kilo was very gentle.

Nice work to the newest SD Team, Shauna and Kilo!”


Talk about inspirational people!

Talk about inspirational people!! All of you are such inspirations to us at Service Dog Express!!

Here is an update on 53 year-old Wounded Warrior John, and his 8 year-old SD, Sancho. They keep on truckin! Even though John has suffered many strokes and a heart attack, he still wakes up every morning focusing on the positives in his life – especially the love he has for his best buddy, Sancho. They continue to go on walks with John in his scooter, and some days, John will walk without being in a scooter to keep his legs moving. He takes SUCH good care of Sancho – teeth cleanings, joint supplements, and keeps himself busy by reading all he can about dog training. John has difficulties finding words sometimes because of his strokes, and his memory can sometimes escape him, but nevertheless, he persists and usually expresses more concern about how I am doing when we talk or visit than how HE is doing. What a compassionate, selfless man! Here is a recent update from John’s wonderful caretaker, Mary:

These are the photos I forgot to send yesterday. This is a quiet Walmart. We went here to get some vitamins and flavored water with my sister, Kathy, who suffers from schizophrenia. A few customers noticed Sancho’s adorable shoes, and he attracted so much loving attention! Sancho was on his best behavior – as usual – and everyone there talks about how calm and sweet Sancho is! The bottom picture is John talking with the optician at the Walmart.”


Manakenn Art 2014

Look at this beautiful artwork done by former client, Wounded Warrior Ken, with SD Mozart!! For each sculpture he sells, a portion of the proceeds he will donate to our non-profit, In Dog We Trust!! THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU KEN!!!!

Helping Veterans suffering from PTSD the oppurtunity to adopt  service dogs to assist in their rehabilitation at no cost
Helping Veterans suffering from PTSD the opportunity to adopt service dogs to assist in their rehabilitation at no cost