Carol and SDiT Kensi

From our trainer, Andrew, who is working with Carol, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD, and her SDIT, Kensi.

“For this session, we went over some basic obedience like “down/stay” and “sit/stay”. We talked about the importance of speaking the word, then making the gesture, then immediately rewarding the proper execution of the command. I played a relationship game with her called restrained recall. This is the act of the dog learning to come quickly and enthusiastically to the handler once she has been released by the helper. Kensi seemed to get it right away, but only strolled up to Carol. I can see with practice that Kensi will build drive for this exercise and become more enthusiastic as the repetitions progress. I showed Carol the “cover” maneuver, and she seemed understand, but has a little trouble with reaching around and luring the dog behind her. I gave her some tips on how to ease that a little and we will see how Kensi is taking to “cover” next week.”