Carol and SDIT Kensi

From trainer Andrew, who is working with Carol and her SDIT, Kensi:

“Kensi and Carol are inching their way ever closer to to Public Access Test, and we are just continually reinforcing our out in public behaviors. This session took place at a dog park near Selma. Since it is right next to the highway, Kensi seemed a little put off by it so she didn’t perform as well as expected, and to make matters worse a garbage truck pulled up next to the fence and made so much noise that poor Kensi got scared and cowered a little; but we calmed her down quickly and walked around, helping her learn that loud noises and distractions can still be safe. We went inside to an agility course and Kensi seemed to do a little better once distracted from the garbage monster! We also worked on our leashing behaviors and sit/stay and wait/stay.”