Brandi, Alex and SDiT Will

An update from our trainer Beverly, who is working with mom Brandi and her son, Alex, who has autism, and SDIT, Will!

“We walked around the whole apartment complex, around several people in passing and dogs barking from balconies. Will did great! There were no signs of any problems. Will growled for a short moment at the frenzied barking dogs, but walked on and ignored them when told “leave it.” Brandi will take treats on her walk and have random people feed treats to Will while he is in a sit position so he knows other people are okay (especially strollers and any unfamiliar objects.) She will also ensure he sits whenever they stop walking and is not allowed to pull on the leash while walking. I showed her how to give a proper leash correction with the flat collar and discussed the importance of not letting him get ahead and start any pulling. Will did GREAT on the walk around the whole complex and only needed to be reminded to heel a few times. Will knows sit, down, stay, watch me, and leave it.

Brandi says Will and Alex sleep together every night and they have a very tight bond. Alex loves to pet and hug Will, which can calm him if he gets upset.”