Bear – a gorgeous Golden SDIT

From our trainer Candace, in Fort Worth, who is working with the Freeman family and their son, Parker, who is a special needs child.

“The Freeman family is doing spectacular training Bear, their gorgeous Golden SDIT. He is working on fine tuning his “heel” while working with the family as well as his primary handler, Parker. Bear is also working on mastering his advanced commands such as “back,” “place,” and long distance recalls. The stronger he is on these commands with high levels of distractions, the more efficient he will be in performing his duties and paying attention to his handler. Bear is also increasing his reliability in tackling basic commands, such as “leave it.” He responds well to Parker’s primary specialty needs, and is doing well with socialization in public. Next time, we will focus on “heel,” once again and we will see how he is doing with “stay” when distance and distractions are added to the picture. Great job, Freeman Family!”