Baron is doing just fantastically

An update from client and trainer Catherine, in Virginia, with her SDIT, “Baron”.

“Baron is doing just fantastically! He “comes” flawlessly and barely needs a play-time break between classes anymore (we’ll go through 2 classes with no break sometimes). He also comes to work with me and hangs out at the research lab. He is so so good! Everyone always comments on how well behaved he is for such a young dog.

He’s doing a LOT better at ignoring people and “leave it” as we walk around. If I can see that he’s distracted on a certain day, if I just say “Baron focus” before we’re about to pass someone, he looks at me and ends up walking right past the person. Usually, though, I don’t even have to say anything.

He’s great at restaurants, though he’s getting bigger and having more trouble fitting under tables lol

Baron started an interesting behavior in the last couple weeks when I get stressed out at work and start feeling really anxious. He gets up from his down/stay under the table and lays his upper body and head over my lap. He was doing this completely on his own, without any prompting, and so I decided to start introducing him to “cover” since he seems to be sensing some of my moods. What he’s doing with laying over me is a lot of what I want him to do with “comfort” or “hug” when I need that calming pressure, so I’m encouraging him to do that when I’m feeling stressed, but ONLY then, not just for the sake of breaking his down/stay.”