Back home in Alaska

From a dear client I had awhile ago who is an ER nurse who suffers with anxiety and PTSD. She is back home in Alaska with her family, and Karma is always there for her as a Service Dog. I will miss them!

Hey Laurie,

Hope things are going well. Karma and I moved back to Alaska in May, Texas wasn’t really a place for us. We’re doing good though. I had a bad allergic reaction in October and the whole night Karma didn’t stop touching me. She laid there with her head on my lap while I struggled breathing. I’ve been in India the last two weeks and I truly realize how much I depend on her. She’s the apple of my eye. She recently had a seizure which I cannot begin to tell you how much it scared me. She is OK for now, and the vet is trying to assure me to not worry unless they become more frequent (took her to the pet ER here and contacted our normal vet). Wanted to give you an update, need to work on some more training as my epi pens have changed a little. Thankfully a company called Midnight Sun Service Dogs is very close to home and I can take her there. Miss you, I wanted to thank you for the help with Karma, giving me Dr Downs’ name and everything you’ve done for us!

Sutapa and Karma