Ashley and her SDiT

An update from our trainer, Catherine, in Virginia, and her new client, Ashley! Ashley suffers from Bipolar 2 Disorder, depression, and panic attacks in crowds. These issues have caused problems with school, her relationships, and being at large social gatherings.

“Meet Ashley and her new SDiT (name to be determined)! Ashley met this beautiful 8 month-old pitbull/mastiff mix today and the first thing the pup did was plop herself down in Ashley’s lap! It was kisses and belly rubs and snuggles from then on! We took her outside and I did some temperament and trainability evaluations on the dog. The dog passed with flying colors, and while the pup was snuggling with Ashley, she asked “would you like to come home with me?” The puppy proceeded to give Ashley a big kiss, jump up, and run around the yard like a crazy girl!!!! She is very eager to please and quickly figured out “sit” in a matter of minutes – so she will be a joy to train!

Ashley is a bit worried about the fact that the pup does look more like a pit than a mastiff, and that people will give her trouble. However, I told her I know she is strong enough to handle this and that there are plenty of people at Service Dog Express (including myself) who are behind her to support her!”


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  1. Indeed, dog is a man’s bestfriend. Their loyalty and friendship is unmatched. A dog can also be a good therapy for someone suffering from panic attacks and depression. The dog can serve as a security blanket.

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