Alex and SDiT Allie

From our wonderful trainer, Beverly, who began working with Alex, who suffers from severe anxiety and depression, and his SDIT, “Allie”.

“Allie is a super sweet dog who already goes many places with Alex, and has been his “emotional support” animal. Alex wants Allie to be a fully trained Service Dog to help with anxiety and panic attacks, bring him out of depressed moods, and remind him to take medications. Alex’s job as a realtor allows him to take Allie with him to most places, so she is already accustomed to “going to work.” During our training sessions, we discussed the importance of “high value treats” to get Allie to perform the necessary skills, especially when she is being a bit “stubborn”. We also discussed ADA laws, rules for Service Dogs, and the steps needed in the process for him and Allie to be a SD team. Alex will be training with both my son, Andrew and I to ensure we can get him through the process in a timely fashion. At our next session, we will work on the basic commands, such as “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and some fun games to engage Allie in play.”