19 year-old Daveed and his SDIT, Redmon

From our trainer Andrew, who is working with a dad and son team, Jesse and Daveed with their two separate SDITs. It’s difficult to train two dogs, but he’s doing a great job! Here is his write up with training with 19 year-old Daveed and his SDIT, Redmon.

“This session was comprised of mainly teaching Daveed’s SDIT, “Redmon” duration with a down/stay. We also went to the back yard and taught the dog to sit when Daveed stops walking, and we taught Redmon that he needs to sit patiently at the bottom of the stairs as Daveed ascends so as to not rush past him and knock him back down them, as Daveed has balance issues. Redmon is a very good dog, loyal and smart… His motives are treat based and praise to some extent.”