11 year-old Trenton and his Priddy SDiT

From trainer Candace, in Fort Worth, who is training with 11 year-old Trenton, who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome and anxiety, and his SDIT, “Priddy”. Trenton’s mother, Jennifer, is very vigilant about training and is very dedicated to the process.

“Trenton’s SDiT, Priddy, is doing incredibly well! We spent an hour going over mock Public Access Test scenarios at a local mall. Priddy is getting great at everything. We went through each command, working a few times through scenarios and talking about any potential “hiccups” and how to handle them. Jennifer wanted a better understanding of what exactly to work on for the test. Their goal is to have Priddy certified by the beginning of October. She is doing great with her young handler, Trenton. He is doing well controlling her, with some verbal cuing from Jennifer. Overall, they are in great shape for the PAT. Go Goodpaster family!”