Only 10 minutes to learn

From our wonderful trainer, Catherine, in Virginia, who is having some very new experiences with her SD, Baron! Despite have POTS and several other medical issues, she is a trainer extraordinaire! Catherine writes:

“Hi Laurie! So I’m up in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec in Canada. I was super worried about having issues with Baron being with me as my Service Dog, but I have had zero issues the last 2 days! I did bring his rabies certificate and vaccination records, and the certificate from SDE stating that he passed the PAT just in case, and I did have to show it once. Normally, I would have given a lecture about how it wasn’t required to show it like normal, but since it’s another country, I just showed them his vaccines and everything and they were satisfied. They weren’t really even questioning it; they just asked that if I did have any papers that I showed them, but if not it was alright.

This is Baron’s first time seeing snow so that has been a blast! My family is skiing but since I can’t with my leg and the PICC line I now have in (my health has been extremely bad), I’ve been just hanging out with Baron and teaching him new tasks. I attached a video of his newest one! Him picking things up for me has become one of his main tasks since I’ve been having a lot of mobility issues. We’re next working on him taking things from others (like my family) and bringing it to me and vice versa. Baron LOVES the mobility tasks – they’re his favorite!! Teaching him to “put it on the table” only took about 10 minutes! He loves learning those and looks so proud when he does!”

2 thoughts on “Only 10 minutes to learn”

  1. Greetings,

    I am in desperate need of a PTSD therapy dog. I am a non-veteran, but have suffered with PTSD for over 25 years and my therapists have strongly pushed for me to get a therapy dog.

    If you are able to call me, my # [removed] or and my address is:
    Jacquelyn St John

    Thank you for your kindness.

  2. I also live in Virginia and have POTS. It’s definitely a frustrating disorder. Most people don’t realize how much it affects all of your body’s systems. I’m also looking at getting a service dog for my POTS as well as anxiety and PTSD. I didn’t realize that they could train dogs for POTS, boy am I glad to hear that.
    Thank you for posting your story.
    Michelle Shepard

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