Clint – San Antonio

Service Dog Express - San Antonio

Clint is originally from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.  He was raised by his Grandfather, who served in the military.  Growing up, Clint was an athlete – playing basketball and volleyball.  Clint spent most of his college years traveling the U.S. and abroad trying to pursue a career as a pro beach volleyball player. After five years, he settled down back in the DFW area.  About this time, surprisingly, Clint was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Always the “trooper”, Clint accepted his diagnosis.  He eventually married, and was a stepdad to a severally Autistic child.  This is when Clint was introduced to Service Dogs and their abilities to help his child both physically and emotionally.  Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, ending in divorce.  Clint began coaching volleyball as a part-time job.  After about two years of coaching, Clint was asked if he would be interested in a career change – and began coaching volleyball full-time.  His new coaching career has opened a lot of doors.  He has coached at the college level, and was also a head coach for juniors representing the USA in Italy, bringing home a gold medal!

In May of 2019, Clint moved to San Antonio, TX, where his passion for training Service Dogs was reignited.  Clint met his then fiancé, who had a fully-trained Service Dog named “Bria”.  For 2 years, Clint was able to train exceptional “Bria” to transfer from a PTSD Service Dog for his fiancé to one who now assisted with his Muscular Dystrophy.  This ignited a fire in Clint to make the decision to start training Service Dogs.  With a real-life background in living with Autism Service Dogs, PTSD Service Dogs, and now Mobility Service Dogs, Clint reached out to Service Dog Express, LLC to become a trainer.  Clint completed his mentorship with Service Dog Express successfully, and is a full-fledged trainer now! We are honored to have him on our team!