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Camille Ang
camilleang [email protected] Joined June 1, 2017
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Service Dog Express - San Antoniowounded warrior

Laurie received her undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top 26 Research Universities in the U.S. and completed four years of graduate study to receive her M.S. at Bergin University for Canine Life Studies in California, the only accredited Service Dog training university in the United States. The school was founded by Dr. Bonita Bergin, the “inventor” of the Service Dog concept. She is the Dean of the school and was one of Laurie’s instructors each semester. While studying there, Laurie had the tremendous fortune to be instructed by some of the top researchers and trainers in the world, including Dr. Stanley Coren (reknowned author of many books including “The Intelligence of Dogs” and “How Dogs Think”), Dr. Pamela Reid (author of several books on dog training including “Excel-Erated Learning”), Dr. Deni Elliot (Director and Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies at the University of South Florida, a specialist in Canine Ethics), Dr. Mark Bekoff (author of “Animals Matter” and “The Emotional Lives of Animals”, both with Jane Goodall) and many others whose work included statistical research and canine cognition and learning theory. She attended seminars with Dr. Nicholas Dodman (author of “If Only They Could Speak”), and was an apprentice and eventually accepted as a trainer at the Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA. Although she has the utmost respect for the work of the Guide Dogs for the Blind, she was truly interested in working with Service Dogs for other disabilities beside the blind.

Laurie is a certified Therapy Dog trainer, a certified Rape Crisis Counselor, and has worked at top psychiatric hospitals such as Western Psychiatric University and Clinic in Pittsburgh doing research on life stressors, bipolar disease, borderline personality, schizophrenia, and anxiety and depression. Laurie has worked as a veterinary technician part-time while in school. After her Master’s degree, she obtained additional Service Dog training from East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD) in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Laurie has been featured on Great Day SA (San Antonio’s CBS Station KENS 5), on several news segments on San Antonio’s local television news broadcasts and on local radio stations. She was on Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls and Parolees” after saving three pit bulls that had been viciously attacked by a porcupine and was Service Dog Expressclose to death due to infection. The trapping was a 14-hour process, but the dogs were rescued and are now safe at their new home in Villalobos. She also ran Laurie’s Lost Ones, a stray rescue and educational organization for dog owners, which was officially recognized by the City of San Antonio.

Laurie’s graduate thesis focused on obtaining full access rights for an Army Wounded Warrior with severe PTSD, TBI, and extreme physical injuries and his Service Dog at a local military medical installation – something that had never been done before at this particular post. She chose to focus on this particular population Air Force TBI Service Dogbecause of her affiliation with the military as a proud active duty Air Force spouse for 8 years. Her Texas Aggie husband is an honorably retired 20 year veteran and being part of the military population is what instigated her particular interest in helping Wounded Warriors.

On a personal note, she was a victim of sexual assault both as a young child and when she was 18. At the age of 18, she did not seek professional help, and did not prosecute. However, in her early 20s, she was involved in a 2 1/2 year-relationship that included severe emotional, sexual, and physical violence. This time, she did work with a defense attorney and decided to testify against her abuser, who received years of jail time. She also became a Certified Rape Crisis Counselor to help others who had experienced similar situations. She was on-call 24 hours a day to meet victims once they checked into emergency rooms to assist them through the grueling process of sexual assault, encouraging them to prosecute and serving as a liaison between them, the police, and medical staff.

Laurie has experienced PTSD herself, which helps her empathize with many of her clients. She has experienced anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, flashbacks, etc. Through counseling and turning her negative experiences into positives by trying to help others, especially through the work with Service Dogs, she has worked through all of those issues. She has experienced first-hand what the power of Service Dogs can do in one’s life. In addition, four Laurie Gawelkoyears ago, she was given an antibiotic that left her with painful neuropathy in her legs. This has also helped her understand what trials her clients with constant pain and mobility issues experience. Her Service Dog, Bonnie, has been a true blessing in her life.

She currently serves as the President of the Board of Directors for In Dog We Trust rescue in San Antonio, and is on the Board of Directors of Give Us Paws in Houston. She also serves on the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee, has had Service Dog Express accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has received letters of commendation from US, State, and local Representatives.

Community ConnectHer company is also featured in the University of Texas – San Antonio Small Business Development Center’s magazine as one of the fastest growing small businesses in San Antonio. 2014wla-logo4c 600xx600-401-0-0

Laurie is a 2014 San Antonio Business Journal Women's Inspirational Leadership Award Winner.  Service Dog Express - Read More


Note from Laurie: I COULD NOT have achieved all of this without the incredible help of our wonderful trainers, fosters, local rescue groups, clients, family, and the consistent help from our wonderful veterinarian. I go to sleep each night thankful for all the people (and doggies) in my life who have helped me help others. My goal is to continue to help Wounded Warriors and civilians, along with everyone associated with Service Dog Express for as long as possible.