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Chuck and SDIT Guess

Look who’s found his perfect SDIT! Chuck, a veteran from McAllen, TX, fell in love with Betty on our website – and after much hard work from Chuck, rescuer and trainer Cherry, and SDE, a match was made!

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Cherry writes:

“Here are some pics of Betty’s (renamed Guess) first meeting with Chuck. These two are made for each other! Guess walked really well with Chuck and obeyed all the commands, SIT DOWN STAY and WAIT. She even performed a perfect cover for Chuck too.

We went and had some lunch and Guess went right under the table.
Of course I asked them if I could have a final picture with my girl Betty Boop as I called her.  I am really going to miss that sweet sweet girl, she was one of my star pupils and so sweet and loving.

Chuck and Guess had a bond from the very beginning!  He has been working with the VA in McAllen and Harlington to try and get funding for Service Dog training for veterans like him with PTSD.  We will all fight together!

Betty (AKA Guess) was in an animal shelter and due to die because her old family no longer wanted her, she was rescued and trained by In Dog We Trust rescue San Antonio.”

AMAZING story of the day !

One of our dear Wounded Warrior clients and friend (Jimmy with SD Otto) was pulling out of his parking spot at his apartment. A woman came running by and Jimmy had to slam on his breaks so hard that his Service Dog, Otto, who was secured in a seatbelt still ended up shattering the windshield . The lady just left; didn’t even realize that the unseen injuries would definitely affect Jimmy and could have killed his SD; that saves him from a lot of things everyday – his best friend . Anyway, even though Otto was the one that got hurt, this is the first thing he did when he got out of the car ! This dog is amazing and the bond that they have is beyond words. Otto is OK for now – no signs of injury – but we will all be helping Jimmy monitor Otto.

Wounded Warrior and Service Dog – Harassed, Humiliated, Degraded

A Wounded Warrior tried to enter the CSL Plasma Donation Center on Marbach with his Service Dog. I have spoken to the manager at this Center before, and it was decided that due to contamination issues, Service Dogs are allowed in the front, but not in the back where the actual plasma is being donated. I received a message from this client yesterday, explaining that he tried to enter, and although he understood that the dog could not go to the back, he was with his girlfriend who would hold the Service Dog up front. He was treated with extreme disrespect, yelled at and humiliated in front of other clients, and despite holding his calm demeanor and presenting his ADA SD rights card, was treated so badly that he went back to his car and broke down. I emailed and called the donation center today, and they apologized profusely for the behavior of their worker, and will be sure to contact our client asap to apologize.

“I am a Service Dog trainer in San Antonio, TX. One of your regular donors, Mr. XXX, a Wounded Warrior who fought in Afghanistan, tried to enter his local CSL Plasma center on 8725 Marbach Rd #275, San Antonio, TX 78227 with his Service Dog. While I understand that Service Dogs may be denied entrance to plasma donation center back rooms due to contamination issues, the way my client was treated was extremely harassing, humiliating, degrading, and ultimately against the law. My client was too upset to call the police, but had he done so, the woman who harassed him would have opened your establishment subject to a lawsuit. Harassment of a Service Dog is a misdemeanor, as is harassment of a Service Dog owner. This occurred at 4:45 on June 15th. My client would like an apology from not only the manager but directly from the woman who harassed him. I have put a call into the location and expect to hear back immediately. Again, I understand the contamination issues, but the humiliation my client received was completely uncalled for.”

Let’s hope they apologize. I applaud this Wounded Warrior for maintaining his calm demeanor while explaining his rights.