Introducing Ruckus!

Ruckus is a 1 ½-year-old, 55-pound, neutered Mix.

Ruckus was found as a stray at just 4 months old and he has since been nurtured in a SDE trainer’s home. Proficient in obedience commands, retrieval, and displaying remarkable leash manners, both on and off-leash..

With his high energy and keen attentiveness, Ruckus readily engages in tasks upon command, whether enticed by treats or not. His obedience extends to both adults and children, complemented by impeccable leash etiquette, rendering him an ideal companion for youngsters in need of a Service Dog. Notably, he intuitively provides comfort during nightmares, gently rousing to offer solace, a behavior encouraged but not formally taught. Sociable with humans and canines alike, Ruckus initiates play and encourages interaction with dogs of varying sizes. His proficiency in retrieval and love for fetch make him a source of joy and amusement, often playing the role of the class clown. Additionally, his vocal nature, inherited from his Siberian Husky lineage, makes him suitable for vocal alerting tasks. In essence, Ruckus is a lively, affectionate, and focused companion poised for success as a Service Dog.

Ideally, Ruckus would be paired with a handler aged 3 and above, regardless of gender, who can commit to regular exercise regimens. Daily activities equivalent to a brisk 1 hour and 45-minute walk at 4mph or a 50-minute jog are recommended to ensure he remains physically stimulated.

Embark on your Service Dog training journey with Ruckus today!

Quick assessment of Ruckus:

  • Is in good health
  • Is willing to ‘snuggle’ and be held close
  • Willing to be petted and touched on all parts of its body, including back legs and on the face without incident
  • Makes good eye contact and holds contact for 10 seconds
  • Housebroken
  • Seems to be genuinely interested its “person” and seeks attention
  • Responds to praise and petting
  • Allows hand in its mouth without incident
  • Treat-motivated for training
  • When walking, is more interested on its “person” than on other distractions (other people, dogs) – Responds to ‘leave it’
  • Not easily frightened (a response to a loud noise is to be expected, but the dog should not show excessive fear)
  • Is friendly, calm, and generally “laid back” around all ages of children and male and female adults
  • Exhibits no excessive barking
  • Shows absolutely NO signs of aggression toward other dogs or people
  • Absolutely no history of aggression
  • Dog is microchipped
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • On monthly preventives
  • Does not get along with cats

We do not provide transportation services for dogs. There are countless dogs throughout the country awaiting their forever homes and the opportunity to become Service Dogs. While our dogs have undergone assessments for their potential as Service Dogs, they have not received formal training yet. This training takes place once they are matched with their designated handlers. This process significantly strengthens the bond between the dog and their owner, fostering a deep and meaningful connection.