KING – San Antonio Area


Meet His Majesty the King!!

King is a neutered, 2 year old, 45 lbs., Border Collie Mix,

King has a very high drive and is ready to play fetch for hours and hours! He is a total snuggle buddy, and just wants to be petted all over. He is a very curious dog who is excited about any form of play he can get.  He was very interested in smelling the assessor all over and checking their breath every few minutes. 

King will do fantastic in Medical Alert or Retrieval for his handler. He is a little stand offish at first but warmed right up to the assessor within a just a couple minutes, and then, he was ready to play fetch and be snuggled all over.

King would be suited for a handler of any age older than 7 years (regardless of gender), who’s activity level is equal to walking for 4 hours and 15 minutes at 4mph or jogging for 2 hours per day. Spending most of the day doing heavy physical activity.

Quick assessment of King:

  • Is in good health
  • Is willing to ‘snuggle’ and be held close
  • Willing to be petted and touched on all parts of its body, including back legs and on the face without incident
  • Makes good eye contact and holds contact for 10 seconds or more
  • Housebroken
  • Seems to be genuinely interested it’s “person” and seeks attention
  • Responds to praise and petting
  • Allows hand in its mouth without incident
  • Treat motivated for training
  • When walking, is more interested on its “person” than on other distractions (other people, dogs) – Responds to ‘leave it’
  • Is friendly, calm, and generally “laid back” around all ages of children and male and female adults
  • Shows absolutely NO signs of aggression toward other dogs or people
  • Absolutely no history of aggression
  • Is microchipped
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Gets along with cats

We do not transport dogs as there are numerous dogs across the country that need a forever home and have the potential to be a Service Dog.  Our dogs have been assessed as potential Service Dogs but have not been trained yet.  That training occurs when paired with their handler.  This enhances the bond between dog and owner.

Service Dogs For Those With PTSD and Other Disabilities