KING – San Antonio


Meet His Majesty the King!!  Fully Public Access Test command plus task-trained dog.

King is a Public Access Test-ready, gorgeous, neutered, 2 ½ year old, 45 lbs., Border Collie Mix. 

King has had all the training necessary done by a SDE trainer and his former handler, a college student, to perform every PAT command AND to do task work such as Deep Pressure Therapy, “covers”, alerting to anxiety, and retrieval, etc. 

King’s SDE trainer writes, “King is a loving, attentive dog. He has received and excelled in all training: King is ready to take the Public Access Test which he will pass with flying colors.

King loves car rides and is more than happy to join his handler at all doctor appointments, as well as going to the gym and physical therapy – where he sits quietly and patiently.”  King comes with his Service Dog vest, collar, leash, food bowls, etc.

Not only is King brilliant, he is a total snuggle buddy, and just wants pets all over! He loves to run and play, but when the SD vest goes on, he knows it’s time to work.  His former handler was unable to keep King as their Service Dog due to conditions unrelated to King.

King would be best suited with a handler who is confident and assertive, yet loving.  King is so intelligent and craves structure and consistency to use as a focus for his energy.  He will need a good amount of attention and exercise, and bonds quickly to his “person”.  Because of his need for a confident handler, he would do best with an adult; however, he gets along with children and teens (male and female) easily.  He most likely would do best as an only dog because of his incredible bonding, but that is not a prerequisite.  His former handler lived in a home with two other Service Dogs, two adults, and a teenager.  He has so much to offer – so guidance and focus for King will only enhance his amazing abilities.

King had the amazing opportunity to also be evaluated by another SDE trainer and Animal Behaviorist who agreed to foster him and continue working with King in every area. 

This trainer/foster writes:

“King is a dog that is trained and is very near completed in his PAT requirements to perform as a Service Dog.  Currently, he lives with two other dogs (one that is a performing SD).  He gets along with and takes correction well from the older dogs.  King’s only seeable issue is that he requires more structure to feel completely balanced.  King has developed the idea that he needs to protect his owner 100% (not aggressively at all), so he is extremely vigilant. While this is a good trait for Service Dogs to have within moderation, King should go to a home with a handler that is willing to give him the structure he needs to round out his overall balance.  He will make a great Service Dog for the right handler. The handler should be confident in providing commands to the dog for SD needs and behavioral guidance. Examples: If King is wary of a new person and becomes alerted; the handler will require him to settle and not react if there is no real threat.  His loving family (who unfortunately cannot use his services) knows that he has great potential for service work is having this singular behavior of being on such high alert corrected at a training sight in order to have him continue to excel at Service Dog training.”

King’s former family unfortunately had too many people to take care of (three of whom had disabilities) and two other Service Dogs.  Therefore, King was not able to receive the necessary structure he craves – it was just too chaotic and King needs to know exactly what his job is and who his “person” is. 

Quick assessment of King:

  • Is in good health
  • Is willing to ‘snuggle’ and be held close
  • Willing to be petted and touched on all parts of its body, including back legs and on the face without incident
  • Makes good eye contact and holds contact for 10 seconds or more
  • Housebroken
  • Seems to be genuinely interested it’s “person” and seeks attention
  • Responds to praise and petting
  • Allows hand in its mouth without incident
  • Treat motivated for training
  • When walking, is more interested on its “person” than on other distractions (other people, dogs) – Responds to ‘leave it’
  • Is friendly, calm, and generally “laid back” around all ages of children and male and female adults
  • Shows absolutely NO signs of aggression toward other dogs or people
  • Absolutely no history of aggression
  • Is microchipped
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Gets along with cats

We do not transport dogs as there are numerous dogs across the country that need a forever home and have the potential to be a Service Dog.  Our dogs have been assessed as potential Service Dogs but have not been trained yet.  That training occurs when paired with their handler.  This enhances the bond between dog and owner.

Service Dogs For Those With PTSD and Other Disabilities