HAZEL – Austin/San Antonio Area


Meet Heroine Hazel!!

Hazel is a 8-month-old, 40 lbs., Labrador Retriever/Aussie Mix

Hazel is in perfect health. Her teeth are as white as can be, and her fur is soft, short, with clear eyes and healthy gums. She has no signs of itching or any bodily issues. She was found as a small puppy – a stray – by her loving owners. Sadly, someone had cut her throat – not deeply, but enough that the owners got her proper veterinary care, and she is now fully healed.

Hazel can be petted and touched all over every part of her body, including her neck. She is such a happy, loving, playful dog! She learns so incredibly quickly – and responds more to praise and tummy rubs than even tasty treats! She was assessed at a PetSmart – and kept her focus on the assessor for most of the time (every now and then something would catch her interest), but she did meet and greets with puppies, very large dogs, smaller dogs, children, adults…it was just a joy watching her have so much fun.

Hazel gives kisses, knows “sit”, “down”, holds eye contact, heels extremely well, “checks in” with her person (and this was the first time the assessor had met her), gets along with cats, can “sit/stay” and “down/stay” for short periods (she is still a frisky 8 month old puppy), but she is smart as a whip. She wears a harness and is easily re-directed using it gently and would respond well to a Gentle Leader.

Hazel LOVES to give kisses and hugs to anyone she meets but will respond to “off” if kisses are not wanted (who wouldn’t want them!) Hazel was able to “wait” at doors before “going through” and LOVES Elk Antlers! (she chose them over Deer Antlers!) Hazel has a lot of energy, but also responds to redirection. She tends to chew on soft beds or stuffed toys, so giving her antlers or strong dental chews or Nylabones would be more productive for her. She goes directly to her kennel when asked and goes directly outside when it’s time to relieve herself. She is an absolute GEM!!!!

Hazel lives in a loving home with a fenced-in backyard and sleeps in her kennel (although she’d LOVE to sleep in the bed, but due to the mom’s recent kidney transplant, she must be careful).  Hazel has had impeccable veterinary care, and probably won’t grow to more than 45-50 lbs.  She eats healthy food, gets exercise, and plays with the family’s other dogs. She is such a delightful goofball – but is ready to be a TRAINED delightful goofball!!! SNUGGLE AWAY!!!!!!! She also learned “leave it” with a tasty treat within minutes! Brilliant dog.

Hazel would be suited for a handler older than 3 years of age (regardless of gender), who’s activity level is equal to walking for 1 hour and 45 minutes at 4mph or jogging for 50 minutes per day. Spending a good part of the day doing some physical activity.

Quick assessment of Hazel:

  • Is in good health
  • Is willing to ‘snuggle’ and be held close
  • Willing to be petted and touched on all parts of its body, including back legs and on the face without incident
  • Makes good eye contact and holds contact for 10 seconds or more
  • Housebroken
  • Seems to be genuinely interested it’s “person” and seeks attention
  • Responds to praise and petting
  • Allows hand in its mouth without incident
  • Treat motivated for training
  • When walking, is more interested on its “person” than on other distractions (other people, dogs) – Responds to ‘leave it’
  • Not easily frightened (a response to a loud noise is to be expected, but the dog should not show excessive fear)
  • Is friendly, calm, and generally “laid back” around all ages of children and male and female adults
  • Exhibits no excessive barking (training can correct this behavior)
  • Shows absolutely NO signs of aggression toward other dogs or people
  • Absolutely no history of aggression
  • Is microchipped
  • Up to date on vaccinations
  • Gets along with cats
  • Current foster has scheduled to have Hazel spayed

We do not transport dogs as there are numerous dogs across the country that need a forever home and have the potential to be a Service Dog.  Our dogs have been assessed as potential Service Dogs but have not been trained yet.  That training occurs when paired with their handler.  This enhances the bond between dog and owner.

Service Dogs For Those With PTSD and Other Disabilities